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Traits to Look For in a Small Business IT Support Provider keyboard with help support button

As technology expands most small business owners are unable to keep up with the ever growing and changing needs of the technology within their business.  Many are beginning to outsource their technical support needs and are looking for a Small Business IT Support Provider.

Traits of a Great Small Business IT Support Provider

Here are some things a small business should remember when looking for a Small Business IT Support Provider:

Listens & Understands:   When you “interview” your new small business IT support provider (yes, you should meet with more than one) you should be doing most of the talking.  They should be asking you questions about your business, your technology, and your future business goals.  Of course, they will discuss the services and technology advancements they can bring to your business, but how can they know what technology is appropriate unless they understand your business and technology first.

Fixes the Issue: You are likely looking for an IT support provider because you have a technology issue that needs immediate attention.  Diagnosis the issue, explaining in terms you understand, and implementing an appropriate solution to your problem quickly should be their number one goal, not trying to sell you into additional services. Only once they have fixed the issue, is it appropriate to begin selling you preventative measures and additional technology services that will benefit your business.

Stabilization & Recommendations:  Once the Small Business IT Support provider has taken the time to understand your business, the technology infrastructure you currently have in place and has fixed any immediate issues that are impeding your daily productivity is it appropriate for them to begin stepping into a role of a trusted IT advisor.  In this role, they should be looking for ways to increase productivity within your business, bringing you new technology methods that will enhance your business overall, proactive methods to ensure that technology downtime is minimal, and offer you customized Managed IT Business Solutions that give your business a technology advantage over the competition.

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