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Write SEO friendly blog posts is not much hard as it seems. Many people are on YouTube bringing wrong information about SEO. The way they tells about SEO is very hard for beginners and also not much useful.

The quality of the content is one of the most important factors when evaluating a blog post, but it’s not the only one. A well-optimized blog post with great quality content has more chances to rank in the top 5 or Google’s SERP 1st Page.

Or we can say writing a blog post with the following steps or with the use of any SEO plugin can rank your post at the top. Quality Content is also the most important factor in rankings.

Now you understand a common boundary line between SEO Friendly posts and A well-optimized blog post. Let’s see what are other important factors to write SEO-friendly blog posts and rank at the top in google’s 1ST SERP.

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How To Write SEO Friendly Article?

Writing an SEO Friendly article the first step will be providing your audience the informative and fresh content.

Using Alt Text In Images:

In Seo Posts Alt Text Plays a big role whether using Alt Text in images is just notifying Google crawler is what is in that image. In general, we use alt text in photos for google bot crawlers to tell google the information of the image.

When we search for any image on google, google gives us that exact image with the help of alt text. Isn’t it amazing? Maybe now you understand how much alt text plays a role in the ranking factor.

Many people upload images like Image01.jpg, never do that. This is a very big mistake for your Website’s SEO Health. Renaming an image is the first Important step, before, alt text is 2nd Important.

Rename Images Before Upload:

Renaming an image before uploading is also important as using is alt text. I upload images with the exact & full information renaming it. For Example:- I have an image of windows 11 background wallpaper. Then I will be renaming it “windows-11-background-wallpaper.png” Don’t rename the image as “img001.png“. For the ALT TEXT, don’t leave it blank but write a few words that describe the image.

Post Meta Description


Write unique and attractive meta descriptions. The meta description is also a very important thing for SEO as well as your Content Readability. If you have not added meta descriptions in your previous blog posts, you should start putting meta descriptions in your all-left blog posts as soon as possible. Because it can affect your posts google rank.

Post meta description is 156 words of the count. In these 156 words, you’ll have to write the words that will attract your users and in post meta description you also have to write your focus keyword between.

Google sees every blog post as a different web page so you can rank every post for certain keywords. And meta description is a great place to drive your focus keywords.

Interlink and Anchor Text (Link Building)

Interlink and Anchor Text is another important SEO factor to rank blog posts. Writing blog posts and putting our other blog post links in between is also useful to drive traffic to our other blogs and also it reduces your blog website’s bounce rate. Bounce Rate is another SEO factor that we will discuss later.

When we link our blog post with other blog posts, the text we select or choose to link is called anchor text. In other words, the text we link in our blog posts is called anchor text.

Anchor text is a very important factor while linking our blog posts. Most bloggers don’t know about how it works, some people will link anchor text like “click here”. Never do this, link your text related to your focus keyword anchor text.

Use Short & Smart URL

As we mentioned on # number in our SEO guide, it also plays an important role in Google SEO Ranking. While you are writing your blog post on a blogger platform or WordPress, both Blogging Platform gives you the to customize your blog links or URLs. In blogger, we called these Custom URLs. And In WordPress, it will be known as Permalinks.

Short URL means the URL in fewer words is looks nice and also gives search engines to right and exact keyword information.

Smart URL means not to use any common & stop word in your blog URL. Have you ever thought that there is a list of words ignored by SEO. “a”, “in”, “out”, and “the” are some examples of Stop words? So, never use these words in your blog URLs. These will only make your URL lengthy.

Update Blog Post Content Time To Time

There are major benefits to updating your articles. Updating your old posts makes your higher rankings in different ways. Sometimes there may be information in your old blog post that is valued at zero at the present time.

So you’ve have to update it with its trends, otherwise you may get high bounce rate to your post. Because when the reader not find the info that he wants, he will immediatly click back from your site and would affect your google rankings

Yes, you could continue to write and create more stuff. However, this is a difficult task that takes a long time to complete. You can instead make changes to your existing content. It requires less effort and produces faster results.

Use attractive titels.


Title tags in SEO are like the title of your book for the demographics of your two most important types of readers; people and robots. Title tags are important because they let readers know what information will be present when a user clicks on a page.

They are important for the search engines for the same reason, except they also function to determine the relevancy of the web page as a result in a search query.

If Google doesn’t like your title tag, then they may change it to better suit their / user needs. If this happens, you can bet it most likely won’t be to your liking.

Use Numbers in title made it more attractive and relevant. Using a positive or negative segament in title may looks and sounds good. Your title should contain a power word.

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