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There are thousands of applications on the play store to download Instagram Story, but downloading with music is only a few people know about, Some rare applications are on the web to download Instagram Story with music. Where to found and How to use these apps is that I will tell you in this article. So stay connected to get more updates like this.

Also, you can download your own story after uploading it to Instagram by entering your Instagram id and simply you can download it.

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Can Anyone Download Instagram Stories?

Yes! anybody can download Insta Stories without telling or asking the Owner of the Story you want to Download.
Also Just in 2 Step, you can download anybody’s stories.

Can a user find that if you would view or download their story?

No. Your identity is hidden and the process is 100% secure. If you are using these applications no one can find out who downloads their stories.

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How to download Instagram Story With Music on Mobile Phone?

Download Android App   To download Instagram Story With Music in Mobile Phone follow these steps:-

Media Saver Android App
  • Step 1. Go to Play Store.
  • Step 2. Search Media Saver.  
  • Step 3. Download Media Saver App. Like shown
  • Step 4. Open Media Saver App to save anyone’s Insta stories.
  • Step 5. Log in with your Instagram Id.
  • Step 6. Choose the Instagram I’d > and Click Stories > Open Story > Click Download Icon > shown in the bottom right, this action will save any I’d Instagram Stories With Music.

Now every time you can download an Instagram Stories in Just seconds  

How to download Instagram Story With Music on Computer or Pc?

To download Instagram Story With Music on Computer or Pc follow these steps:-  

  • Step 1. Go to StorySaver.Net.
  • Step 2. Enter Insta ID to the box. You can start the next step by typing the Instagram username in the field.
Download Any Instagram Story With Music Story Saver
  • Step 3. Now Click On Download.

  You can bookmark this page to find easily when you need to download Instagram stories also with custom Instagram  music    

How to download Insta stories With Music on a Windows or Mac Laptop?

  • Step 1. Go to SaveForms.Net.
  • Step 2. Enter Insta ID to the box. You can start the next step by typing the Instagram username in the field.
Download Any Insta Story With One Click
  • Step 3. Now Click On Download.

The first step is to access StorySaver.net using the recommended up-to-date Google Chrome browser.   

Is there any risk to download Instagram stories from any applications?

No, The privacy of the user’s personal data is against StorySaver.net’s philosophy. They do not keep any records, even in any transaction!

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