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If you host a video podcast or produce any video along with your audio podcast, then you should be on YouTube!

I’m a fan of making things easy for your audience. You should especially want things to be easy for your potential audience to subscribe.

That’s where you can use the YouTube subscription link to encourage more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

It’s really easy! Make sure that your YouTube channel has its own ID (for example, The InfoTech APB’s YouTube channel ID is noodlemx), then replace my user ID in the following URL with yours.

How to create a youtube subscription link

Here’s the new way of 2021 to create a youtube subscription link in 2 easy steps. Youtube Channel Subscribe Link Button

YouTube Subscription Link Opened With Dialogue Box

If your channel has random characters and not a username (your channel URL would have /channel/ in it instead of /user/), then format the URL slightly differently.


If someone uses that link, they will be taken to your YouTube channel. If they are not already subscribed, they’ll see a front-and-center box prompting them to subscribe.

Another Simple Way To Create Youtube Subscription Link

To Create a PoPup Subscribe Link For YouTube with adding a text code after the youtube channel URL, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1. Open Your Channel in a Browser.
  • Step 2. Copy the link from the URL box.
  • Step 3. Paste it on your notepad or somewhere else.
  • Step 4. Now add this “?sub_confirmation=1″ to your channel link.

Now your youtube channel’s subscription link is ready you can check it on an incognito tab of your browser. Because if you open that link from an account that already subscribed to your channel, then it won’t be work. So open from another browser or another mobile that hasn’t subscribed to your youtube channel yet.

If the visitor is already subscribed to your channel, they will not see this subscription box, and will continue to view your channel as normal.

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