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Business Technology Problems: 7 Deadly Signs You Should Never Ignore group of business colleagues dealing with malfunctioning computer

Generally, small businesses will ignore some very blatant signs that something is wrong with their computers. They will let it go or find a workaround to push off having to deal with the problem as long as possible. Unfortunately, that often means they put it off until something bad occurs, and they are forced into a costly or even devastating situation. Keep an eye out for the following business technology problems, as they will save you from a major loss.

Business Technology Problems You Should Never Ignore group of business colleagues dealing with malfunctioning computer

To avoid the risk of a grave emergency for your business, watch for these signs indicating your technology may be in need of professional attention.

  1. Pop-up messages occur regularly.

    • Pop-up messages often address critical things like a renewal of security software or installing necessary updates for an operating system or application.
  2. One or more systems are running unusually slow.

    • Systems running slowly may be a sign of failing hardware or software corruption.
  3. The system regularly locks up and forces a reboot for no apparent reason.

    • You may have a hard drive on the brink of complete failure. You could face potential loss of all important data on your system if the problem is not addressed immediately.
  4. The systems are aging, and there is no plan to refresh the hardware.

    • If one or more systems are three years or older, it is time to start buying new equipment and to move to a newer, more secure, operating system.
  5. An application is not working properly.

    • When a business application is not working as it should, you are likely losing productivity and are risking the loss of critical information.
  6. One or more of the systems are making noises.

    • Like any electronic device, computers need to be properly maintained and regularly cleaned. Any unusual noise should be looked at right away. The noise could be something as simple as a dirty fan or as critical as a failing hard drive.
  7. If the systems just seem to be “quirky” or you are regularly trying to figure out how to work around some problem, there may be an underlying issue occurring.

    • Your technology should be helping your business to grow and be successful. It should never get in the way of you and your staff’s ability to be productive and efficient.

Computers and software are likely one of the most expensive and valuable assets in your office. Your business cannot run without them. It is critical that you make sure that they are properly maintained and that problems are addressed quickly by a professional.

If any of the seven deadly situations listed above sound like your business, you need to call your local Computer Troubleshooter professionals right away. They will come to your office and work with you to assess the problems and determine the proper course of action that meets your needs and budget. Remember, even minuscule business technology problems can be a sign of a much bigger issue, so don’t put it off!

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