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There are many ways to increase your Adsense account CPC for your website and as well youtube account also, here we collected and discovered the top 5 ways to increase the AdSense CPC rate in the year 2021

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General Tips To Increase AdSense CPC

People who use Adsense as a monetization strategy forget that Adsense is a CPC network. You are charged per click rather than per impression. For now, focus on quality, and forget about the amount of traffic. Below I wrote some great tips to increase Adsense CPC Rate.

Use Responsive Ad Platform

When your blog is compared to the devices where the bulk of your users come from, it makes a huge difference. In certain cases, cell phone advertising will provide a higher CPC, so if you have this option, take advantage of it. Check to see if your site is accessible from a mobile device.

Ad Placements To Increase CTR In AdSense

Adsense revenue is directly proportional to your ads’ location on the web page, so don’t overlook it. Place two ads inside and one outside your blog post.

You can put ads at the top of your page, in the center, at the bottom of any page as a footer, or wherever else you like. Google normally gives you the highest-paying ads it has available in the first slot loaded. Are you familiar with the order in which each feature on your blog or website page loads? Check your source code (Ctrl+U) or contact your theme creator if this isn’t the case.

Ads Location In Your Blog

Ads location in your blog is directly proportional to the high ctr of your Adsense account. However, it should be your decision and based on your reasons for blogging. If you’re a serious blogger who relies on Adsense, for example, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to customize ads and use as many ad units as possible on a single page. If you’re a hobby blogger or writing on a personal blog, your first goal should be to provide high-quality content with few advertisements, as readers despise advertisements that interrupt their reading.

Figure Out The Best Size Of Ads

You’ll get the best CPCs if you use the correct ad sizes and placements. Some ad sizes are highly effective on certain devices, such as cell phones and tablets, but are less effective on others, such as laptops. Choose the best ad sizes for different platforms and play around with them before you find a CPC that you like.

Make Sure To Put Relevant Ads

Ensure that Google only displays the most important advertising on your web pages. Having your content SEO friendly and quick to crawl for search engine bots is one way to accomplish this. You can begin by concentrating on the fundamentals, such as headings, meta tags, and content formatting. Often, instead of remarketing ads, use contextual ads. Both of these things have the potential to boost your CPC over time.

Use Less Ad Units Or Reduce Them

Reduce the number of ad units on your site to try something new. By reducing the supply, you can get advertisers to bid higher for the limited space, resulting in a higher CPC. It’s all about leveraging the supply/demand gap to your benefit.

Google AdSense Experiments, Opportunity, And Labs

Google AdSense has a “Experiments” feature that allows you to play with your ads. Split checking on various ad types, trying different advertisers, changing the font type and background color, changing ad sizes, changing color schemes, blocking some ad categories, and so on will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. When you’re confident about something, stick with it for the long haul. This will also help in increasing your Adsense cpc.

Target Your Audience Country Wise

Target audience country to increase AdSense CPC rate and CTR of your AdSense account The country you’re targeting is one of the most significant factors that can boost CPC. For eg, a click on an ad from the United States can pay up to $1.5, while a click on the same ad from India can only pay 20 to 30 cents.

As a result, always target your blog and its content to English-speaking audiences. It will also boost your website’s Page Rating. As a result, keep the country you’re aiming for in mind at all times.

Traffic Quality To Increase AdSense CPC

Advertisers are Google’s AdSense clients, and the business would do all it can to ensure that these paying advertisers get good value for money – or a good click conversion rate. Your CTR may below if you do not draw visitors to a web page or blog post who have a strong interest in the subject of the page or post. Increasing the number of visitors to your website will increase Adsense CPC in a way you want.

Google uses many metrics when deciding what web pages get the top paying clicks, and one of these is almost certain to be your CTR for the ads they provide. The higher the CTR for a URL, then the higher CPC you are likely to get when your AdSense ads are refreshed on that page URL.

Furthermore, some of these visitors can simply click on advertisements to see what they are – with no intention of purchasing. Google’s AdSense TOS is very strict, and if you have too many clicks on your site that never lead to a sale, your account could be canceled for good. If you’re getting invalid clicks on your blog, you should stop these invalid clicks with the help of the Adsense invalid click protector script.

How To Target High CPC Keywords To Increase AdSense Earnings

Keyword Research To Increase Adsense CPC

Put High CPC Keywords In Your Content

Make sure your content is designed for high-value keywords. Perform keyword research to assess the highest-paying keywords in your niche. AdSense works by allowing marketers to bid on keywords. Some keywords receive the most bids and therefore have a much higher value. Those are the keywords on which you can concentrate your efforts and optimize your content.

Long-Tail Keywords To Increase Adsense CPC

Getting the highest paid keywords isn’t enough. You should use SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush to find the most profitable long-tail keyword phrases that are important to your readers. Incorporate these keywords into your writing.

Be sure to use best SEO practices to optimize the content with these keywords – but don’t overdo it; don’t stuff keywords without thinking about grammatical correctness or the flow of the writing.

Put High Quality Easy To Understand Content

The most critical factor to remember is the content’s consistency. You should have a good understanding of what your readers want and be able to provide them with the appropriate solutions to their problems. You should build content that provides value to a highly targeted audience searching for knowledge in a specific niche. The content should be SEO-friendly and prominently displayed on Google’s search results page.

Follow Search Console Guidelines

You must customize your website for mobile; if you do not, you will be strongly penalized by Google. A responsive web design is needed.

Manage Ads Blocking Control

You may also choose to block ad categories that don’t pay well per click in the past. You can use this to block advertising for categories that aren’t important to your site – or that you’d rather advertise yourself than have AdSense do it for you.

In Google AdSense, you will find Allow block ads. You can go there and see how much each ad category is paying you. This will show the various ad categories that are currently displayed on your website. If you notice that a certain ad category isn’t paying well, feel free to block it.

Google Adsense Ad Review Centre

Manage Google AdSense Ad Review Centre

Try to block any categories that are entirely unrelated to your blog’s content or niche. If the blog is about technology, then the ad categories for dating, politics, religion, and so on should be blocked. Your AdSense CPC will probably rise as a result of this.

The AdSense Ad Review Center is a platform that lets you analyze individual ads before deciding whether to block or display them on your website. This gives you much more power and clarity over the advertisements that appear on your website or blog.

It allows you to select the products, services, or brands are advertised on your website or blog. This platform can only be used to view advertisements from high-paying advertisers. Remember that this tool does not accept all AdSense ads. You can only block advertising at the product level with Ad Review Center, not at the website level.

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