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Do you always spend more time to accomplish your work? Do you have a will to become smarter in computer operating? This post will reveal seven funny and cool computer tips and tricks to impress your friends that surely help you perform as a Geek.

Impress your friends through these cool computer tricks. On your computer you can do anything you want, also there are some interesting things that you wouldn’t know. Today we are gonna share these interesting things known as Cool Computer Tricks. Also, check Amazing Computer Tricks.

We update this list on weekly basis, and remove, replace & add with fresh contents of cool computer tips.

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2021 Cool Computer Tips Tricks For Everyone!

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known?

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Cool Computer Tips Tricks

Here is something I’ll share with you all for fun.

Delete Extra and Unusable Files from Windows:-

Use These Two Commands to Remove Unusable Files From Your PC:

  1. %Temp%

Use these when your computer needs to be free out of some space. Entering these keywords in your “Run” will open a file explorer window that is full of wasted files(unusable).

Follow the below steps for better understanding:

[ %temp%(Temporary Files) ]
  • Step 1. Open “Run”, by pressing “Windows + R”.
  • Step 2. Type “%temp%” And Press “OK”.

this will open a file explorer window, containing your temporary files, yes you can

  • Step 3. Delete them by “Shift + Delete” Key. this will permanently delete these Wasted and Unusable Files.
 [ Prefetch ]
  • Step 1. Open “Run”, by pressing “Windows + R”. Step 2. Type “prefetch” And Press “OK”.
  • Step 3. Delete them by “Shift + Delete” Key. this will permanently delete these Wasted and Unusable Files. You can follow me on Instagram to know the Update of the website and also know more interesting computer tips and tricks. Click the above link to follow me.

Best Cool Computer Tips And Tricks.

Hello friends, Today we gonna know 7 Useful and cool computer tips. And tricks to impress your friends. I am making the previous 2-3 Blog about computer tips. You can see my previous blog. Click this link to see my blog:- 2021 Amazing Computer Tricks.

Notepad Trick – Continuously Open Notepad in Your Friends Computer:-

In this computer trick, someone will gonna be mad after opening the Notepad file with a code command.
It is a very interesting prank, very rare people know about that. When you copied the code given below to your Notepad file and rename it as Notpad.bat it will look like an application or a Computer program. And when your friend will open this it continues to open the Notepad files one after one, and it couldn’t stop for a long time.

To Open Notepad continuously on your friend’s computer:

Type the code in notepad as :

@ECHO off<br>:top<br>START %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exe<br>GOTO top

Save it as “notepad.BAT” and send it through WhatsApp chat or E-mail to your friends, family, or whoever you want to make badly fool.

Note: If you want to try it, then go ahead, and when you built this file double click to open it. But beware it slows your system and you will be left with no other option than to restart, as this script opens 100’s notepad window. So, If you want to try this then save all your work and then run this file.

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1. Manage Virtual Desktop Windows 10:-

As the Windows 10 built-in feature, the virtual desktop lets us implement multiple desktops to run different programs that without affect each other. If you have plenty of applications to use in the meantime that will slow down the computer. To avoid this happens, we can put relative types together to one desktop. Here are some short keys that help you to manage a virtual desktop with ease.
Ctrl + Windows + D: Add virtual desktop. Or you can click the task view icon on the taskbar to create a new virtual desktop.


Windows + Tab: Open the task list view.
Windows + Ctrl + F4 : Close or delete current virtual desktop.

Windows + Ctrl + ←/→: Switch between virtual desktop Windows 10.

2. Record a Video by Using Shortcut Keys:-

Press Windows + G combination key then check on Yes This is a game. When a window appears at the bottom of the screen, click on the Record icon to start. Alternatively, using Windows + Alt + R key to record instead.

Note: You can find the video in the C:Users<Username>VideosCaptures folder.

3. View Basic Information about Your Computer:-

It is necessary to check information about your computer before installing a program. Generally, we have to click on: Start > Settings > System >About or Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem to view the details. But this seemed to be a hassle, in fact, you only need to click the Windows + Pause break key.

4. Quickly Save a Picture:-

How do you save images from the website to your PC? Do you right-click on the target item and select Save image as an option? Please stop doing that again! You can move your mouse to the objective picture and then drag it to your desktop.

5. Open the Preview Function for Your Files:-

Imagine that you have several similar files saved in the same place, and what’s worse, you cannot recognize which is the one you need. Under these circumstances, the dumbest way to do it is by opening them one-by-one until finding it. Nevertheless, opening the Preview feature can bring a lot of convenience to you. Press Windows + E to open the File Explorer window, click on View > Preview pane. Click on the files and then you can see the preview pane shows on the right side.

Showing-file-preview-in-windows-preview-pane-Cool Computer Tips
Showing-file-preview-in-windows-preview-pane-Cool Computer Tips

6. Notepad: How to Insert Current Time and Auto-Record The Last Open Time:-

In this part, we will show you two computer tricks of Notepad: including how to insert current time and auto-record the last open time. Type .LOG in the first row of the text document and save it. The next time you open the text, it will show you the last open time. If you want to insert the current time, press F5 or Fn + F5 on the keyboard.

7. Rename: How to rename Multiple Files At A time:-

Rename a file instantly Do you know there is a shortcut to rename files/folders? Yes, there is only one button you can rename your files and folders. To get it, press F2 while selecting a file. You can also do this to rename many files Just select all the files you want to rename, tap F2 and type in the new name, all files will be automatically renamed. Not all files can bear the same name, but not to worry, your PC will automatically provide a suffix. For all files, for example (1), (2), (3), etc.

8. Create A Hidden Folder in Windows:-

Do you know you can create a hidden folder in windows? and can hide your private or important files easily. In this trick, I will share some tips for creating a hidden folder easily without any additional application.

My favorite cool computer tips and tricks:-

To hide a Folder without hiding from its location follow the below steps:

Step 1:- Right-click on Desktop

creating-a-new-hidden -folder-in-windows
creating-a-new-hidden -folder-in-windows

Step 2:- Click on New, Click on Folder

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Step 3:- Don’t write anything in the name box

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Step 4:- Press Alt+255 on windows 7 and click anywhere. You’ll see that the name section has been blank.

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Step 5:- Now to right-click on the folder and click on the Properties

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Step 6:- Click on the Customize tab

Step 7:- Click on the Change Icon

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Step 8:- Scroll the box and click on the blank icon

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Step 9:- Click Ok

How to Create A Hidden Folder? Cool Computer Tips

Great! You are good to go and Hide your stuff. Wanna see some Rare WhatsApp tricks like this, check here:- Amazing WhatsApp Tricks.

9. Drag and Drop To Save Images Instant:-


Simply just Just drag any photo on the web page and release it on the desktop to save instantly as shown in the image above.

10. Copy A File Path To The Clipboard:

If you will copy and paste the path of this file while browsing for the attachment, you can save a lot of time browsing that file. Open your photo or document in Windows Explorer. While pressing the Shift key, right-click on the photo or document.

Offline windows Computer Tips

Click the “Copy as the path” option in the context menu. It copies the location of this file to the clipboard.

11. Rotate The Screen Quickly:-

There is a simple way to rotate your screen on Windows 10 by pressing Ctrl + Alt + D + (arrow button). Another way to control the rotation is by right-clicking the desktop background > Graphics Options > Rotation.

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